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Freddy & Beatrice Shembo

Freddy & Beatrice Shembo

Freddy Shembo is the founder and lead pastor at Mont Carmel International Christian Center. As an in-demand pastor, he travels around the world sharing the Gospel of Christ in many countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa. Former lawyer, he delivers the word with humor and serves God with the motto “Raising the standards of excellence”. Alongside Freddy, his wife Beatrice serves as co-pastor, making a huge impact on women across the world. Pastor B is known for her spiritual purity and uncompromised walk with God. A dynamic preacher, she encourages people to serve with dignity and discipline. They also have four beautiful daughters.


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Patrick Mande

Executive Pastor

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Patrice Shingu Image

Patrice Shingu

Disclipleship & Ministry Pastor

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Johnny Ekofo Image

Johnny Ekofo

Greenville Pastor

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Esai Ba Image

Esai Ba

Pastoral Care Minister

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Priva Zie Image

Priva Zie

Church Administrator || Finance Director

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Sara Shembo

Music & Worship Ministry Director

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Holali Amengonu

Media & Technical Services

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Steve Muanza

Worship Leader

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Olga Matutu

Worship Leader

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Mercy Lee & Alton Lee

Worship Leaders

Youth and Young Adults Ministry

Fali Matutu Image

Fali Matutu

Youth Minister

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Yedidia Nshisso

Young Adults Minister

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Bob & Dina Nsenga

Children's Ministry

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Outreach Ministry

Dede Sama Image

Dede Sama

Community Outreach Coordinator

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Media || Marketing

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Benay Shembo

Mont Carmel Online & Social Media

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Kouame N'Dri

Creative Director

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